Working People, Working Together to Build Power

Rally In Support of Fire Fighters

Come out and stand shoulder to shoulder with Wichita's firefighters and support their team inside advocating for critical public safety funding.

For years, our firefighters have done more with less, and wages have stagnated to a shocking level - over 30% lower than the cities around us.

Our firefighters have been meeting with city officials over the last few weeks trying to find solutions for this issue. There's been little movement on this front and the city budget is being shaped NOW. In years past, these talks have gone on so long that the resources needed to modernize wages and department size don't make it into budget requests.

THE TIME IS NOW. Wichita can't afford to wait another three years for these talks to come around again as things like recruitment, retainment, and morale continue to fall further behind and valuable experience is forced to leave our city for another.

It's time to make this right - for our firefighters and their families but also for Wichita and our families.

We will have t-shirts, signs, and drinks - all we need is YOU!

The City of Wichita is running a budget simulator at the moment. Take a second and add your input there too?

Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation

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The Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation of South Central Kansas (WHLF) is a non-profit labor membership organization devoted to supporting, advancing and advocating for the working people of the south central Kansas region. The WHLF brings together 30 local unions from every trade, occupation, public and private sector of the Kansas economy. We represent over 30,000 union members and their families, including teachers, aerospace professionals, operating engineers, construction workers, electricians, firefighters, state employees, janitors, train operators, and many more who are the face of today's workforce.

Our mission is to improve the lives of workers, their families, and our communities, and to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our region. To accomplish this mission the WHLF works to build worker power through political education and action, supporting economic development in South Central Kansas, being an active partner with business and government leaders, organizing workers who choose to be in a union, providing community service and job training, and conducting educational programs for working people.