Chamber launches new attack: HB 2797 – The Price Gougers Protection Act


The Kansas Legislature has reached its 90th Day…the last day of the session. Of course they haven’t passed a budget yet. And they haven’t passed new legislative district boundaries yet.

So seeing as they are still here, the Kansas Chamber is marshalling their forces and rallying support among legislators for their newest attack on Kansas families: the Price Gougers Protection Act (HB 2797).

Kansas law protects you today against out-of-state or even foreign corporations fixing prices on everything you buy from gasoline to bread and milk to shoes and clothes.

The Chamber’s Price Gougers Protection Act would strip you of your right to take on price fixers as part of a class along with other Kansans being screwed by these unseupulous companies.

Price fixing is cheating. It hurts you and working familes because everything you buy could eventually end up costing you more so that some out-of-state company can squeeze even more of a profit out of your pocket.

Price fixing also hurts local Kansas businesses who play by the rules. It protects them against anti-competitive shenanigans from companies who only see Kansas as a place to pad their bottom line and could care less for the people and families who call it Home.

While we had hoped to bring you news today on a budget agreement we are now watching another one of the Kansas Chamber’s underhanded and devious legislative attacks that will let corporations walk away with even more of your paycheck and threatens honest and fair Kansas businesses at the same time.

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